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Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

Hello, Lover.

I don’t really call my other machine, the Janome 6600, by her name, but I do sort of think of her as Jan. So it made sense (to me) that when we made the decision for me to buy this lovely Singer Featherweight, I would name her Marcia.  Perhaps that tiny plastic machine my daughter has will be called Cindy. If ever actually let her play with it again because it’s such a poor example of a sewing machine and I hate to taint her early sewing experience.

Here is the story of Marcia as best I know:  Marcia was owned by a woman whose family lived close to Chris, a guild member of mine you may know as Frecklemama.  Chris got Marcia from the family and had her serviced by a local technician, who said he thought Marcia had only been sewn on for about 10 hours because she was in such great condition.  Marcia changed hands a couple times after Chris decided to part with her, and when she came back on the market this month I jumped on the chance and bought her this past weekend.

Marcia is a 1957 Singer Featherweight 221 flatbed, which makes her one of the oldest things in my house.  I got her to use as a traveling machine for classes and retreats because Jan is not exactly a delicate lady (30ish pounds). Featherweights are notoriously easy to take care of and service yourself, so that also made sense.  And the fact that the lack of fancy stitches makes for very accurate 1/4″ piecing.

Marcia is having a slight hygeine problem as she and her case have a bit of the Featherweight Funk, as I call it, which comes from being stored and not aired out, so I’m doing my best to put the case in the sunshine for a couple days.  I’ll also give it a gentle wash/wipe down.  The original accessories and bobbins are still in the box, and I don’t want to trash the box but as it’s cardboard I don’t think I can eliminate the smell from it, so I’m waiting and seeing what can be done about that.

So, I’m very excited to begin piecing! I haven’t figured out which project I want to do on her yet, or if she’ll have a permanent installation at the house – right now she’s sitting out on the game table in the living room.

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  1. Congratulations on Marcia! Sounds like a wonderful, useful purchase. Make sure you don’t disparage things from 1957. It was a very good year. 🙂

  2. I am quite sure she will get a work out, even at her old age!!! I resemble that year….did I say that out loud? She’s lovely!!! Wish I had kept the one I purchased years ago…

  3. I’m so jealous! I’ve always wanted a Featherweight. Keep us posted on your progress with her. Hope the “funk” goes away.

  4. Can’t wait to see her in person! She reminds me of one that I had – and used to make your clothes when you were little. Wish I had kept mine. She was a victim of weight limits on moving after I got a new machine. I can’t tell from the picture where the light is on Marcia, but be careful. That’s how I got a scar on my wrist – from bumping the light when I was sewing. Have fun. Love ya!

  5. Pam, Marcia will be very happy in her new home. If you ever have questions about her care or troubleshooting check out Dave McCallum. He is the best authority I know about Featherweights.

    And as a fellow geek quilter – what would be a good Christmas gift for a geeky quilter?

    Victoria – PeaceBrook Quilting Podcast

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