Merry Grinchmas Quilt, Part 2 of 3

Part 1 is here.

By now you are eyeing the center of your quilt and think, “Yes, that will surely be big enough. I can just scrunch down and be covered by it.”  But, no, you are WRONG. Now is the time to add a lot more borders. 3 borders to be exact.

Calm down, only one of them is fancy.

The first inner border is a skinny strip of white, which conveniently mirrors the skinny white border you can see around several of the panels. Cut 6 strips 1 1/2″ wide of the white, and piece them together into one long strip. Double check your center measurements before cutting the length!  For mine, I cut 2 strips 55″ long and sewed those on the sides. Then I cut 2 strips 49″ long and sewed those one the tops and bottoms.  My quilt is now 49″ x 56-1/2″

Now for the fancy border.  Another of the prints that came in the FQ bundle is a big picture print, which isn’t in neatly laid out panel form.  I used my 6×12″ rule and just started cutting up the vingnettes into pieces either 6″ wide or 6″ tall.  The 6″ wide pieces will go into side borders.  The 6″ tall pieces will go into the top of bottom pieces.  Here’s a sample of how I cut it up, using the Kaufman picture from their website:

There will be waste.  This makes me shudder a bit, but I eventually got over it.  I think I ended up with 8 pieces that were 6″ tall and  9 pieces that were 6″ wide. Plus those two little pieces from the panel that you set aside before.  Then I started cutting up the other scraps from the FQs I already sliced up to frame the panel pieces into pieces 6″ long by various widths – basically whatever sizes I could eek out.  Then just start fiddling with your layout.  You are trying to get 2 strips that are 6″ by the 49″ for the top and bottom borders and 2 strips that are 6″ by 56 1/2″ for the side borders.  Here’s a sample of the top/bottom borders I ended up with:

Step 5: Using that big print (non-panel) to piece into the border
You will also need to cut four 6″ squares for the corners of this middle border. I used one of the previously uncut FQs, the green background with medium sized characters.  I fussy cut the 6″ squares to center one of the characters.
So, sew all your bits together into a cohesive scrappy border, and then sew the borders on! Press, cry, etc. Not necessarily in that order.  Here’s a close up of what the side of my quilt looks like with the sashing, white inner border, and pieced middle border:
Step 5a: Sew on those pieced borders

Now for the final border! I wanted another solid border because I hate having so many seams on the outside of the quilt top, but you may want to just stop at this point. I cut 7 strips of 2 1/2″ wide by WOF from the green fabric. Sew them all together into one long strip. Then measure and cut your outer borders.  My outer borders were cut to 70 1/2″ for the sides (sewn on first), and 66″ wide for the top and bottom (sewn on last).  Sew, cry, press, etc.

Here’s the finished top! It’s raining outside so I couldn’t hang it up in my normal spot, so apologies for the crappy photograph.

Grinch Quilt Top

Tomorrow is backing, quilting, and binding!

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  1. For some reason this multi-vignette fabric was NOT included in my kit. Bummer! They sent me solid red, green and white. The other small prints you framed your panels in were already cut up when I was following Jay Bird Quilt’s pattern, so I’m going to use them to make borders and an additional frame around the panels. Oy!

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