Pillowcases Galore!

I talked in my last post about the bloat of fabric I was shedding through Good Stitching and making pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer.  ConKerr has collection sites all pretty much all of the quilt shops close to me, so it’s easy to take the finished pillowcases with me to a guild meeting and drop them off then.

To make the pillow cases, I’m using a method similar to this one from Mama Spark, only I do way less pinning (I used four pins per pillowcase to make the “sausage rolls”).  It involves French Seams, which sounds waaaay fancier and harder than it actually is, but is a good way to avoid exposed seam allowances and creates a sturdy finished project.

At the AMQG retreat last August, we had a mini workshop on making pillowcases this way, and Kathy, our instructor, taught us “The Rule of 3″.  You need three pieces for each pillowcase, cut WOF (width of fabric, for the uninitiated).  A 3″ strip (the accent piece), a 9″ strip (not sure if this is called the flange or casing, or what, but it’s the skinnier part at the open then of the pillowcase), and a 27″ piece (the main body).  These are standard size pillows, not king size.  If you are into math, you’ll note that 3 x 3″ = 9″, and 3 x 9″ = 27”.  Yay, math! Also note, that you can do the accent strip at 2″ but it’s not as fun mathematically.

You’ll notice in this process that not all WOF’s are equal. They vary between 40 – 45″, so there is some trimming once you get your sausage sewn and turned. Here is what 53 pillowcases look like after being sausaged, and ready to be sewn up.

Stack of Pillowcases
 (Princess Leia fabric FTW! Also, the black and white monster eyeballs make me laugh, and hopefully won’t weird out the child).
I’ve gotten 10 of 53 finished and ready for drop-off.  I think I can get the rest done by Dec 3rd, but will strive for at least half of those done, and the rest by the 17th.

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