Saturday Sampler Blocks – November

Oh hai! The quilt shop didn’t even name this house, so I shall call it “Fred”.  It reminds me of a Doctor Who episode with that swirly vortex door and the cat going into it.

And for Grandma’s Garden, we have a butterfly!
Grandma's Garden - Block 5

Words of wisdom for this month are the classic: “Crack don’t smoke itself.”  Words to live by.

2 Replies to “Saturday Sampler Blocks – November”

  1. Here is a phrase of ‘wisdom’ for you: “Don’t should on yourself”, eg. don’t say I should have done X or I should have done Y. You didn’t do it, so get over it and learn from your mistake.

    Nice work on the blocks.

  2. Every time you post a new Grandma’s garden block I try to think of a wisdom statement but considering my grandmother has alzheimers (and wasn’t very loving in her good days) there just aren’t any that come to mind from her. And my mother was only famous for say “I hate kids” which it seems I am quite famous for now. My daughter’s friends are always saying “I know you love ME even though you hate kids” so I must say it all the time too. Probably not the kind of statement you are looking for. sorry no help from me but I am enjoying watching your blocks come together.

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