Christmas Crafting Round-Up

I don’t necessarily strive to make it a Handmade Holiday every year, and if I did I think it would drive me batty. I did make several gifts this year, though, so here’s the list (and I’m probably forgetting something):

My parents recently redecorated their house with the help of a professional. Apparently professionals think that multiple counted cross-stitches done by one’s 11 year old cat-loving daughter don’t necessarily have a place all over the house, so all my precious, precious pieces were put lovingly into a box (note: I am totally fine with this, and mildly surprised they all stayed up as long as they did). I put a note with this piece that they needed something I made to hang up in their house replace all those festive felines, and this particular pattern reminded me of my grandparents farm.  I added in the smaller quilt blocks to bring it up to a size that would fit a standard frame, and did some light hand- and machine-quilting.
We’re not quite done with Christmas here since we’re exchanging gifts with my husband’s family on Saturday,  but I’ve already started gathering up decorations to put up. I’m excited to reclaim my house!

4 Replies to “Christmas Crafting Round-Up”

  1. Love the water pump, Pam. How is it done? Is it embroidery? And uh, as for me, well, um, I made my sister a table runner….yup…. (smiling).

  2. We love the water pump wall hanging! And all your previous cross stitch pieces are merely “resting” upstairs. We have the spot picked out for the new piece, but can’t get to it until the larger tree is put away. The un-decorating has started here; your Dad had all the outside things put away when I got home from work! I’m working on inside now. Good luck with yours! And thank you! Love ya!

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