HtbaS – Episode 58

I give some updates on the homefront at the beginning. Quilting talk starts at 7:30.  I talk about the All Stars jelly roll quilt pattern and what I’ve learned in making the quilt center.


3 thoughts on “HtbaS – Episode 58

  1. Hi, Pam–

    Just wanted to say I was really sad to hear your Zapper news. Zapper is part of our podcasting family, and I think I speak for everyone in the quilty world when I say I hope he’s doing okay. You, too.


  2. Finally coming out of comment-lurker-dom to say I listened to this episode last night, and all fingers, toes and paws (two cats, two dogs) here in the bottom left-hand corner of Germany are crossed for Zapper. Long may she continue to holler and helper. I so enjoy the podcast and hearing her butting in and you talking to her, it makes me laugh.

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