Oh hai, Moose!

This is my fused applique project I just finished putting together today (sorry, Jaye – took me less than a week, instead of the two I estimated). I’ll be quilting it tonight and tomorrow, and since it looks like I’ll have it done before Christmas I can give it to them.

Oh hai. I'm a Moose.

This pattern is a Bigfork Bay Cotton Company pattern (Summer Serenity, I think). Pat Sloan just interviewed them on her podcast.

Follow-up! Zapper is unimpressed by mooses, but remains as helpery as ever:

Zapper is unimpressed by mooses.

Zapper says: “In your face, moose! And also cancer.”  She’s doing great, and my thanks go out to everyone’s kind words in light of her diagnosis.

5 Replies to “Oh hai, Moose!”

  1. I did their “Serengeti” pattern–same idea, but lion’s head–at my quilt retreat last May. It’s pokey, but it’s do-able! Yours is nice!

  2. Love the moose! By a funny coincidence I was just thinking about Sandy’s lion the other day, and wondering whether it was finished.
    Yay for helper cats!!

  3. Awesome! I did the giraffe one for a friend a while back. What a task. I didn’t buy the kit but after hearing Sandy when she talked about hers, I wish I had. Be glad you did. I hope you are proud of how it came out.
    Jackie – Sew Excited Quilts

  4. I just started listening to your podcast about a month ago and started from beginning. You crack me up every episode and I can’t wait to hear more. Sorry about Zapper, I know I am a year plus behind but as I just heard the episode, i feel badly. The quilt is beautiful and thanks for entertaining me on my 90 min / day ride to and from work.

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