Opinions Requested!

I’m working on my Fruitcake quilt, and it’s almost time to put the inner border on.  I didn’t get yardage from the Fruitcake line last year to do this, so I’m going to work from my stash.  I’ve got two choice right now, shown below:

Fruitcake Preview
 So, do you think the teal or the brown? The brown is my safe zone, but I like the teal because I like teal but am not sure it goes with the striped fabric for the outer border. So…

What color for the inner border?

5 Replies to “Opinions Requested!”

  1. Brown gives you a richer look, stops the eye, frames the inside block. The teal looks okay with the inner border but on my monitor it does not seem to look or blend with the striped border. Size might make a difference, but I think the brown will work better.

    Just because you consider it the safe selection do not let it scare you off…. it might be because it looks better to your eyes… the eyes that count.



  2. What if you did both? I like the teal too, but it doesn’t go with the outer border. So, why not put a thin border of the teal first and a little wider border of brown that is next to the big outer border. Just a thought.

  3. In true internet fashion, I have asked for opinions only to ignore them and go with a third un-revealed choice! I’ll post pics on Friday of what I went with. 🙂

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