1Q FAL Addendum

Well, since I blew my Finish-Along goals out of the water last week, I thought I should challenge myself a little more, so I’m adding three other projects to the list.

First up: finish the Houses Sampler, to be named Furever Homes, I think.  I finished the 12th block back in December, but I need to design the 4 others for the wrong side of the tracks, then create the railroad tracks, sashing, and picket fence border. It will probably end up a full-sized quilt, I think.

Houses Sampler Blocks
Second: the Lilac Hill Trapunto quilt (final name unknown). This has all the parts cut for the top, and the piecing will be pretty simple. The trick is that I want to do a trapunto design inside each of the 10″ squares. And it’s king sized. So… yeah. Insane.
Cut Pieces for the Lilac Hill Trapunto Quilt
 And the last, and smallest, will probably cause the most tears. It’s truly a UFO because I started it about 10 months ago. It’s one of the handkerchiefs I got from Grama Eddie’s things when she passed. I got far enough along to embroider her name in her handwriting in the middle and a nice verse around it, but I stalled on finishing it because I kept tearing up. Plus I wasn’t sure what else to do with it – maybe Dresden plates on the corners? I think I want to do a trapunto effect around the quote as practice for the king-sized quilt above, but don’t have a template or pattern in mind yet.
Grama's Hankie

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  1. yes, insane but you’ll probably do it. i’m anxious to see the trapunto, though it will be a challenge to get the photo to do it justice.

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