A look back 12 years ago…

Twelve years (and an hour and 20 minutes) ago, I married the love of my life in a ceremony that only took 11 minutes (for some reason a friend of mine timed it). This picture represents us perfectly.

Wedding Picture
I made my own wedding dress.  It was a lot of work, but the marriage has been worth it.

11 Replies to “A look back 12 years ago…”

  1. Wow! I’m not surprised you made your own dress – you do amazing work in quilts, so I would expect no less in a wedding dress : ) And, you look the same as you did 12 years ago!

  2. Congratulations! Beautiful dress, and the bride ain’t so bad either. (I’d say the same for hub, but his face is largely obscured by said blushing bride! I’m sure he’s quite dashing to have snagged such a hottie.) Here’s to another 50-or-so-years of joy!

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