First Finish of the Q1 FAL!

You guys should probably know that I was the only person in my high school graduating class to turn in my senior term paper for English class early.  That’s set the tone for my attitude on finishing projects, particularly quilting ones. As a result, it’s no surprise to me that I’ve finished one of my two items for the Finish-Along this quarter already.

Here’s the Snowbunny Runner:

Snowbunny Tablerunner
I used some of the jelly roll scraps to make the triangle points, and then the leftover candy cane stripe for an outer border.  This is the first time I’ve done a non-90 degree angle on binding, and it turned out pretty well – only one of those corners came out a bit wonky.
I did all straight line quilting, so it worked up pretty quick. And now I can stuff it in a drawer for next Christmas!

7 Replies to “First Finish of the Q1 FAL!”

  1. Oh, so you were that annoying one in high school. 🙂
    The table runner is very cute, Pam. It should look great on your table next Christmas.

  2. Colleen has spoken exactly what I was thinking except that I would add that it was people like you that I would choose to bully or beat up (or at least try). You are officially the first finish I have read about! Congrats!

  3. Pam is known in our Guild as The Overachiever! She always comes to our meetings with several beautiful quilts for show & tell, while the rest of us struggle to complete a block or a mug rug. And, she shows up to sew-ins and retreats to sew in heels : ) She very inspiring to the rest of us, that’s for sure!

  4. @Rhonda- I would responded to your bullying the same way I did everyone else that did that to me in school. Said nothing, gotten a stomachache or headache, and then said scathing things about you in therapy years later.

    @Andi – Thanks!

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