Furever Homes – FINISHED!

So… I finished a thing! A thing with cats!

Furever Homes
 Here’s the whole thing (please forgive the weird bright sunlight and shadows):
Furever Homes
 Here’s some of the houses in the village (top left):
Furever Homes - Village Close-Up
And here’s the woodsy cabin (lower left):
Furever Homes - Lower Left Close-Up
 On the wrong side of the tracks, things are a little shadier:
Good thing there’s a nice cannery on the waterfront to make all the cat food for those cats:
Furever Homes - Lower RIght Close-up
The back is a fun rainbow print, with two of the extra blocks inset. The center of that star is where I wrote the label:
Furever Homes - Back
This quilt will ultimately benefit Good Mews Animal Foundation, a non-profit, no-kill cage-free cat shelter that I volunteer for.  How it will benefit it remains to be seen.  Several people have asked how they can get a chance to win this quilt, but unfortunately online raffles are illegal for the state of Georgia. I’ve inquired with the fundraising chair for Good Mews if they’d be willing to do an in person raffle (and I could be the go-between and take ticket “orders” for people I know that are out of state), but haven’t heard back from the Chair yet.

In the mean time, I’ve listed it on my etsy store. All proceeds from the sale will go directly to the shelter, and the buyer will be listed in the honorariums in the quarterly shelter newsletter. If there’s no buyer for it on etsy, and the shelter doesn’t want to do a raffle, I’ll donate it for their silent auction in the fall.

BOOM. Found a buyer! My parents are buying the quilt and sending the money directly to the shelter, so the etsy listing has been deactivated. And I get to keep it long enough to show off to Tiny Stitches and the AMQG meeting this weekend. I knew I was raised by the right people…

17 Replies to “Furever Homes – FINISHED!”

  1. I just love this! I so enjoyed hearing about it as you were making it and it is just lovely! How would I find your Etsy shop? I’m really not Etsy saavy…

  2. I love this quilt!! I saw pictures earlier on Flickr and was hoping you would have more on your blog. Yay! You are so very talented Pam. And love your podcast too.

    Chester, NY

  3. Another finish which is amazing. Don’t forget to add pictures to the FAL Flickr group if you haven’t already done so (with my work schedule lately I haven’t had time to check).

    The cat in the window across the tracks from the car repair place looks like it is trying to entice the “bad” crowd from inside. I guess things aren’t always what they seem from the good side of the track.

  4. @Sue If you’re referring to the matching of the backing fabric around the block, believe you me that I cropped out the other seam in which the pattern doesn’t match at all!

    @Meredith – I took the pictures outside, and my Helper Cats are indoor only. I did have the neighbors Helper Dog run by!

    It is going to a home with 3 Helper Cats, though!

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