Grama’s Hankie: FINISHED! P.S. Bring a tissue.

Well, I’m bringing this to a tearful close. I finished Grama’s Hankie last night, and got a chance to photograph it today.
Zoom says hi! But it’s okay, because Grama Eddie really liked cats, too. Here it is without helpering. It’s about 28″ square.
Grama's Hankie
I embroidered her name (in her handwriting) in the center of the handkerchief, and also a quote around her name. It says, “Gramas hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever.”

Excuse me while I get a tissue.

The trapunto wreath around her name and the quote I drew myself – apparently I embroidered the quote in an ovalish shape instead of a true circle, so I had to make my own pattern (using a template I made for the two sizes of feathers).
Grama's Hankie - Trapunto Detail
I put Dresden fans in the corners to frame up the center hankie. I had a nice batik FQ with butterflies and swirls on it for the outer fan blades and center. The medium fabric in the fans and flying geese border is a FQ of a McKenna Ryan print in soft green and lavender. Those are the colors of my childhood, I think, but Grama Eddie was a fan of red. She was a fan of anything I made, so I don’t think she’d mind I used my favorite colors instead of hers.  It’s also an homage to that year I was 8 or so and wouldn’t wear anything unless it was lavender. I think she’s the one that bought me that lavender velour tracksuit. Might have been my mom, though.
I put a little feathered vine in the background between the hankie and Dresden fans.
Grama's Hankie - Dresden Plate Detail
I had enough of the McKenna Ryan FQ to eek out a 4″ Hunter Star to put at the top center of that border. I’m really happy with the quilting in that flying geese border – it’s a pattern I found while Googling around.
Grama's Hankie - Border Detail
And here’s a gratuitous photo of the back in case you want to see the quilting detail un-impeded by the piecing on the front. Click to embiggen!
Grama's Hankie- Back

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  1. Really nice job! I have a number of hankies from my great-grandmother and have often thought of making a quilt with pockets on the front to put hankies in. I think I saw a quilt by Mary Mashuta done that way. The color scheme of the hankies would lend themselves to 1930s fabrics and I just don’t use many so am still thinking about. Glad that Zoom is doign a good job helpering.

  2. This is a beautiful tribute to your Grandmother. You do breath-taking work, your Grandmother would love it. It is hard to see to type this since I now need a tissue. The quote and quilt work is so touching.

  3. This is really lovely! You picked the perfect subtle hues to go with the hankie! This is a great tribute to and memento of your grandmother, and very emotional, but also healing for you, in the making process, I hope! Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Sorry I am late to the party but I have been catching up a bit. The quilt is lovely and a beautiful way to remember your Grandma. I have a piece of hand embroidery that my grandma did – haven’t got up the courage to do anything with it yet. You have given me lots to think about. Hope you are feeling brighter. BIG hug C x

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