HtbaS – Episode 62

I talk about the 2012 1Q FAL, the Leaf Me Alone quilt, Snowbunny tablerunner, and the Swamp Thing landscape quilt. Discussion of FMQ techniques and art quilt tips.

  • Finished pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer:
  •  Railroad block for the raffle quilt for Wellspring Living:
Railroad block
  •  Bonus picture of Zapper, who was sleeping during the podcast this time:
Zapper is unimpressed

She is unimpressed with the lack of snuggling going on because of all this sewing.

6 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 62”

  1. I actually listened to you today while at work and I am so very far behind on podcasts. I should have thought about listening at work much sooner. I really do like your projects and am glad to hear that we have both grown over the years. LOL

    BTW I so missed Project Runway last night but did record it. I will be watching it while stitching binding down tonight.

    OH and you should save the UFO project for next quarter…I mean if you are going to be an over achiever you might as well win prizes for it.

  2. No quilty comment here! But I too wrote a term paper on Thurber in high school, although I doubt that mine was turned in early because even though I was a nerd, I was also a procrastinator.

    And I still love Thurber.

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