HtbaS – Episode 63

It’s another episode of Hot Babes! (That’s what Jaye thinks “HtbaS” looks like.)

I take a bit of time at the beginning to talk about yucky emotional stuff, which segues into talking about finishing the Grama’s Hankie wallhanging.  But then there’s fun stuff about giant hexagons, Swooning Along, and being on the wrong side of the tracks with the Houses Sampler.

Giant Hexagons (with a lot of scraps)!

Oh, nothing. Just cutting giant 8

I’m still deciding between the Ruby fabric from the kit, and using Christmas cat fabric to make a quilt for my daughter for the Swoon-Along.

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  1. Thanks for the unflinching honesty. Too many hide their depression and post-partum challenges in a ridiculous notion that we all have to experience life the same. Every brain is different, just like every other part of the human body. Rock on girl!

  2. Probably not what a non-people person wants from a virtual stranger, but hugs to you, Pam, and thanks for sharing. Good that you know all the triggers that help to get you out of a funk.

    Scritches to Zapper and Zoom. And you take care of you.

  3. Pam, your candid podcast is what makes the podcast community what it is. It takes a lot of courage for an introvert to share their feelings and I appreciate your willingness to share it with us.

    Personally I am amazed at how many of the podcasters are introverts and also wonder how you all do it. I found it hard to put myself out there on a blog. Talk into a mic so all can hear? No way!

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing yourself.
    Sew Excited Quilts

  4. Pam, Exercise is also the best option for me. Note 2: You described your quilting of the flying geese just like a longarmer would do them. I’m sure they look great. Note 3: As an “older” woman I will let you know global warming is from baby boomer women’s hot flashes. But hey, do you think I can fool anyone into thinking I am sweating from all my exercise?
    Victoria – PeaceBrook Podcast

  5. Pam, I so totally am with you on the template thing. The pattern that our church group chose for this year’s auction quilt had a parallelogram template. I took a look at the blocks and realized we could do it all with HSTs. I know that I will second guess myself when it comes to hand quilting time, but for now my Accuquilt Go! will handle the cutting and I am a happier camper!

  6. Hey Pam, hats off to you for being honest, and letting others know that life isn’t always easy for everyone. Help is available in various forms. The Swoon-along block looks great! I love your descriptions of the cat blocks too, and can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

  7. Pam, I just listened to this podcast last night and I was so impressed with your honesty. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and seek help when you need to. Thanks for sharing and helping others to see this side of you!

  8. Hi! I’m still catching up on my end (and so I don’t know if you see these posts), but something you said in this cast really touched me, and at just the time I needed it: by talking about what’s going on, we make whatever it is less “weird.” Thanks for your honesty about how you’re doing, and about being “peopled out” (that’s how I explain my introversion to my mostly extroverted family). Hugs from Kentucky!

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