I Get By With a Little Help(er) From My Friends

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts after last week’s episode.  The good news is that I was correct in assuming it was at least partly hormonal, and that wave was crested and subsided. I’m feeling much better, and will continue to look out for myself and my family.

So while I was working on projects to keep my mind busy, I got a little helpering from a little helper.

Zoom is Supervising
Zoom loves that spot on my sewing table, although it is incredibly inconvenient for productivity.
And here’s part of what I worked on:

The wrong side of the tracks blocks! Clockwise from top left we have the Pussycat Club, bar, used car lot, and tuna cannery.

Now, I do actually have the entire top put together, and the back pieced, but I’m going to wait to show any more pictures until it’s quilted and bound.

5 Replies to “I Get By With a Little Help(er) From My Friends”

  1. I LOVE IT!! I totally want a chance to win this quilt (and donate money to Good Mews).

    I’m also glad you’re feeling better. We need to plan a getaway lunch soon. Geez, that sounds odd. Er… let’s have lunch soon. Mmkay?

  2. I am curious about the bar…Is the mug on the roof…it is hard to tell from the picture. We had a bar here in our town that had a brilliant idea to pain in super large letters “cold beer here” on their roof because there is an overlook that overlooks our town. I thought it was brilliant marketing. Well, the town officials caught wind of it and made them paint over it because it was not the “the image” we wanted to portray here in The Gap. And ironically they are on the “other side of the tracks” too funny. They are called the Loose Caboose. And NO It is not a gay bar!!

  3. Yes, it’s a beer mug on the roof – the fabric I used for the bar roof is black with brown dots on it so it blends a bit with the background. It’s got better contrast in person.

  4. Let me know when it’s finished…I will definitely want to purchase a raffle ticket for Good Mews and to support the cause 🙂 Besides, I may be the only other person who’s as cat crazy as you in our little quilting world 🙂 hugs! Lori (ltdermdvm)

  5. Glad you are feeling better. love the blocks. Such a sense of humor. I wish you would enter it in one of the big shows before you give it away. I am pretty sure you would get a humor award. Pretty please?

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