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So those of us that had to move from to Podomatic (or some other service) are dealing with the rude awakening of bandwidth limitations, which is something our Podbean quiltcast sisters have been facing for quite a while. It’s just that our listeners are SO AWESOME they like to listen to us all the time!  I’ve got a couple suggestions to alleviate the bandwidth blues:

For listeners:

  • Only download a podcast episode once. This might sound silly, but I know I’ve been guilty of having the podcast download automatically on my laptop, but, being too lazy to sync my iPod at that time and impatient to listen, will download the episode a second time directly onto my iPod via the wifi connection. So that counts as two downloads for the podcaster’s host, soaking up the bandwidth.
  • Listen to it streaming direct from the podcast host site or embedded player on the website. I know this is possible for Podomatic and Podbean, but not all podcasts have this option.  So if you’re going to be around your computer and can listen there instead of downloading the mp3 file, do that since I don’t think playing on an embedded player counts against bandwidth.

For hosts:

  • If you’re on Podomatic, use the “Light” quality setting. You get that option when uploading a new episode (or editing a different one) in the “Review/Publish” section, as below.  Click the blue “Format Settings” link and change from Standard to Light. It will reduce the quality of the file, but since we are talking about quilts and not producing fabulous concerts (except Daisy – love her voice!), it should be okay.
  • Reduce your file size by fiddling with your settings. The easiest place to do this (in Audacity – can’t speak to other recording software) is in the MP3 conversion.  There are several resources on what to change to reduce file sizes, including Podcast Answer Man and Audacity to Podcast. I know it’s technical and somewhat scary, but 15 minutes of recording a sample and fiddling with settings can pay off in the long run. And besides, learning something new never hurt anyone! Well, except learning that you don’t want to be a lion tamer – that might come with boo-boo’s.  This, ladies, is not lion taming, and remember, even monkeys can learn!
  • Blog more. I know! Crazy talk. I got into podcasting because it was easier to sit in front of a mic than type out a lot long boring words. Many of you are already better than me at blogging regularly, but I’ll be dipping back into the written word more if I’m limited to podcasting every other week instead of weekly. It’s a good thing quilting is a visual medium, so it makes sense to balance the visual with the auditory.

Most of all: let’s go sewing something beautiful!

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  1. That is perfect! I had a techy reader/listener send me some tips about Audacity and changing the file size so I may be posting some tips about that. But not until I give them a whirl. Thanks for the information. You rock!! Boy it seems I say that to you often!!

  2. Another option (that I’m currently working on accomplishing) is to move your podcast so a self-hosted website and create your own podcast RSS feed. You end up getting unlimited bandwidth and storage for a little bit of techie hard work.

    I’m hoping I can get mine moved over in the next week or so since my new website is finally set up.

  3. Will do! It is kind of a PITA but at least it’ll be cheaper in the end and I won’t have to worry about bandwidth anymore. I might takeover a podcast episode on how I accomplished it for all the other quilty podcasters out there.

  4. Katie…that PodOmatic episode would be most appreciated. Pam, I will work on that tutorial today if I am not forced to work. If not today then Wednesday since that is my one day off a week and I do everything in me to keep that day. They can have the other 6 days but Wednesdays are mine!!!!

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