Meet Ted (Giant Hexie Quilt: FINISHED!)

Meet Ted:

Ted is made up of two layer cakes of Circa 1934, some Kona Sand fabric, and 2 yards of some weird gold color for the backing.
Why is he named Ted, you ask? Because of this Buffalo Border:
I call this sort of thing “buffalo quilting” because you use up every last fabric scrap, like the Native Americans did with their buffalo kills. Buffaloes make me think of Ted Turner because he single-handedly brought the bison out of endangerment through his ranching and breeding efforts (thank you, Stuff You Should Know podcast!).
Now, since this is a gift for my husband, do I mind him snuggling with Ted? Nope. I’m pretty secure in our marriage.
Ted - Close-up
 Here’s Ted’s backside (that won’t get old!):
Ted - Back
It’s primarily “B-roll” layer cake squares (filler prints), a buffalo strip, and a 2 yard piece of that gold-ish fabric that I seem to have in plentiful supply. Seriously, I have at least 4 more pieces of yardage in that gold tone.
That’s another 8.75 yards in the “Used” column of Sunday Night Stash Report!

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  1. It’s beeeeeeautiful!!! I knew immediately why you named it Ted since I already knew about your style of quilting on this one. Love love love it. One of my most favorites that you’ve done!!

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