Saturday Sampler: Grandma’s Garden and Memories of Provence

Today was the first pick up of 2012 for the Saturday Sampler program at Tiny Stitches, so I picked up the 7th block for Grandma’s Garden, and the 1st for “Memories of Provence”.

Supposedly, this is a magnolia. Those words are exactly what the shop owner said, too, and I agree. This flower seems rather closed up for a magnolia, so perhaps it’s still in bud form. I tend to think the shop owner is getting slightly disenfranchised with this particular BOM program, and probably won’t buy a series from this same company in the future. Every block has some weird template instead of simple cutting instructions, which drives me nuts. 

Since there wasn’t a lot of white space, I stuck with the short and sweet quote, “I love you”.

The new program for 2012 is called Memories of Provence. I chose the red colorway (as opposed to black or blue), mostly because I thought this would be a good quilt to give my parents for their guest bed.  The finished quilt will be 86×103″, and their bed is a full size so it should work out great. I don’t have plans to add anything special to the blocks because I think they are gorgeous on their own. 
Memories of Provence - Block 1
I might even use some of the blocks in future quilts, although I have to say a square in a square in a square is not my best technique.  I am super proud of my points and corners on this block, though, so it turned out okay.  Each block will have that fussy cut motif in the center, so I need to find my 3 1/2″ fussy cut square – not sure where it got off to.
To see the finished quilt, click here.  That sample is the black colorway, however. I think I can get it done in time to give it to my mom for her birthday next year (it’s at the end of January, and we’ll get the last block at the beginning of December. It might be my BDSI project for next year!)

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  1. I can give you some tips on how I have dealt with weird templates. Short answer: paper piecing, but only for the weird part of the block not for the whole thing.

    Love the fussy cutting in the middle. Is that part of the BOM?

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