Where’s the Podcast For 1/27?

Weellllll… I mentioned last week that I was nearing my bandwidth limit. I’ve haven’t hit it yet, but am at 85% of allocated bandwidth, which is due to reset on Feb 7. Rather than push it by putting out an episode today, (and not next week because I would surely be hitting the limit then), I am taking at least this week, and possibly two weeks off.  If the numbers look okay for next week, I might squeak out a short one next Friday (Feb 3) and risk hitting my limit for a couple days until the 7th.

I know, I’m not happy about it either. It was my plan to continue a weekly podcast with the exception of two weeks (due to vacation times) for the foreseeable future, but given the limitations of Podomatic, that may not be possible. It seems like a bunch of people figured out at the beginning of the year that they needed to subscribe to the new feed and BLAM! there were a ton of downloads at once. So this may not be a permanent change to my schedule, but I gotta tell, the my OCDish traits are killing me with the inability to stick to a schedule.

While you may not hear my voice over the podcast feed for the next couple weeks, I may see about doing video (hosted on YouTube) or something to tide you over. I’ll try to be better about blogging regularly and not just when I finish something. I’ve been thinking of doing a “studio tour” (a grand name for holding the FlipCam while I spin slowly in my chair, surely).

If you’ve got suggestions for blogging, tutorials, or video topics, let me know in the comments. I think I might do one on adapting illustrations for applique since apparently I’m making a Hello Kitty wallhanging for my daughter’s room redecoration.  You know I won’t be sitting idly by during this time, so there will surely be plenty for me to talk about when I’m back to the airwaves!

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  1. You could try a TTMT (talk to me tuesday) video.. those are fun.:-) Jennifer Ofenstein started that I think, and has tons of vids on youtube. I did a couple some years ago, and flaked out. lol.

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