Blue Swoon Blocks 5 & 6 and A Buffalo Quilting Tip

Here’s the next two blocks (there’s a third I didn’t finish until after the sun went down so no photo yet):

Love this stripey one, although I was unconvinced of the fabric at the time I bought it. It was the one blue FQ that I bought for this quilt. I’m glad my guild mates talked me into it.

Blue Swoon - Block 5
This one is a little more sedate, but that’s needed to offset the craziness of some of the blocks like the one above.
Blue Swoon - Block 6
And a small buffalo quilting tip that relates to flying geese:
Swoon Geese - 1
Instead of “throwing away” the triangles trimmed off the flying geese unit (one of the reasons I don’t like making flying geese like this), take a few minutes and stitch another line 1/2″ away from the original diagonal. Trim in between the two stitch lines.
Once you press, you’ve got an extra HST! If you do this for every flying fees unit in the 9-patch Swoon quilt, you’ve got an extra 144 HSTs that finish around 2″. You can make a 12×12 layout for a nice medallion that measures 24″ square.

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  1. What a great idea for the extra FG triangles! I’ve been sewing them *after* I cut them off. I did a bunch last night. It will be *so* much easier this way – thanks Pam! Loving your Swoons by the way!

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