Blue Swoon – Finish All the Blocks!

In a swirl of last-minute activity before wrestling control of the remote last night for the coin toss of whether to watch Downton Abbey or The Walking Dead, I finished up the last of the Blue Swoon blocks:

Block 7

Blue Swoon: Block 7

Block 8 (after a misplaced substitute of Kona White for what (in the light of day) is obviously Kona Snow): 

Blue Swoon: Block 8

Block 9

Blue Swoon: Block 9

And two potential layouts…
Layout One – “Corners”:

Blue Swoon - Tentative Layout
Layout 2 – “The V”:
Blue Swoon
Anyone have strong opinions about either layout (either for or against?)

6 Replies to “Blue Swoon – Finish All the Blocks!”

  1. Really like this, Pam. I vaguely lean towards option one but either works. Are you doing borders? It works without. Just wondering. In Amy case, cute. And which won, the Abbey or the Dead?

  2. Perhaps the second is more balanced. Yes, the two hour episode left me tired, but was good. Also, I am in fear of mixing up my Kona solids, so I have been trying to label each with painters tape as soon as I get it. So far, so good.

  3. well if I am not too late since you sew so fast…. I would put all the blocks with green in them on a diagonal… starting with top left. The lightest green in the center then the last block in left bottom. the green grab the eyes and will have you look across the quilt.

    very pretty blocks

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