Blue Swoon: FINISHED!

Blue Swoon is finished!

I used the lime green Swiss dot print from the Ruby line for the binding.

Blue Swoon - Finished!

Random close-up of the center (this blue is the same as the backing fabric):

Blue Swoon - Center close-up

And here’s the back, with some seriously bright sunlight coming through:

Blue Swoon - Back

11 thoughts on “Blue Swoon: FINISHED!

  1. It is truely gorgeous. It looks like it has an unbelievable amount of quilting in it that I wish we could see better. You were a real speed demon in completing it so fast!
    Paula H

  2. Oooh, purty!! I’m with Jaye – can’t see the Kona issue at all. I think quilting covers up a lot of things like that. We have a quilt in the store, in which several of the cream tone-in-tone background patches are wrong-side-out, and you really have to look carefully to find them.

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