Blue Swoon: FINISHED!

Blue Swoon is finished!

I used the lime green Swiss dot print from the Ruby line for the binding.

Blue Swoon - Finished!

Random close-up of the center (this blue is the same as the backing fabric):

Blue Swoon - Center close-up

And here’s the back, with some seriously bright sunlight coming through:

Blue Swoon - Back

11 Replies to “Blue Swoon: FINISHED!”

  1. Hi Pam – It is a quilt to make me swoon! But seriously I love it. I have always loved the pattern but never made one, but your colours really make it beautiful. Happy quilting.

  2. It is truely gorgeous. It looks like it has an unbelievable amount of quilting in it that I wish we could see better. You were a real speed demon in completing it so fast!
    Paula H

  3. Oooh, purty!! I’m with Jaye – can’t see the Kona issue at all. I think quilting covers up a lot of things like that. We have a quilt in the store, in which several of the cream tone-in-tone background patches are wrong-side-out, and you really have to look carefully to find them.

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