HtbaS – Episode 66

I talk about some cat drama (the first 5 minutes), sewing the Swoon blocks, some “free to a good home” items on my website, and the most recent Saturday Sampler blocks.

3 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 66”

  1. Ufff… I spent the first 5 minutes holding my breath, thinking “please say Zapper’s OK!” Glad to hear that’s so (at least, as OK as a 15 year old cat with cancer can be), hope she gets her appetite back soon. Scritches to her and Zoom.

    Love the Swoon blocks, and especially the “Don’t Should Yourself” quote – that’s one I need to take to heart.

    Voted for Grama’s Hankie here at the store, will do so again from home 🙂

  2. Hey I’d be willing to take either and or both of your free fabric panels. They’re kinda cute and look like something I could use for Christmas wall hangings! If you still have them please send me a message!

  3. Meredith- I’m sorry for the suspense! I forget that not everyone follows the minutae of my life on twitter, where I had said several times she was okay.

    I will say that when she passes, I will probably skip that week, but will put up a notice about it.

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