Small Project Finishes

I promised pictures of this geranium basket felted wool table mat, so here it is! It’s about 18″ across. Not sure where I’ll put it yet.

Geranium Table Mat

And here’s how you can ID me at the MidAtlantic Quilt Festival (or any other quilt festival, honestly, since I usually take this bag to quilt shows):

Look for this at a quilt show and you'll find me.

 Check out my new tag! Not really a name tag since it doesn’t have my name on it, but it’s a… tag line tag?

Quilt Long and Prosper

2 Replies to “Small Project Finishes”

  1. nice! love the tagline tag, its just perfect. I wish I was going to the quilt festival, but a bit too far from Oregon for me…have a great time!

  2. Just found your blog/podcast heard it mentioned on Grits to Glitz. I taught myself to sew about a year ago and so I’m still a baby (baby as in skills not baby as in baby quilts)quilter but I do sew a lot of dolls. I’m a sahm to two year old twins so my time is very limited.

    Just hearing you talk about your work inspires me to work harder on mine so thank you!! Also I LOVE that tag so cute.

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