From the Way-Back Machine

Perhaps you’ve heard that SeamedUP is having a contest for National Quilting Month, and it has spurred me to dig up photos of earlier sewing and quilting projects. Since I figure not all of you are on SeamedUP, I thought I’d throw a couple up here as well.

These things were made in 1998ish for a co-worker from Canada. She missed her homeland, so of course it perfect sense to create fleece jackets and buntings for a 2nd generation Canadian baby that lives in the South.

I also used to make couches for cats. Models below are Dixie (on the plaid, who lives with my aunt) and Aggie (on the tan, who was one of my cats growing up). I’ve made several more that went to Good Mews for fundraising purposes.

And here is an early Halloween costume for my daughter:

I have found more embarrassing examples that I have *not* posted, but these made me smile.

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