Hooo, Baby! FINISHED

I mentioned on twitter over the weekend that fact that our neighbor had a baby. And I didn’t even know she was pregnant.  Our only clue was the “It’s a boy!” balloon on the mailbox, and I thought it was maybe for her brother (who is newly married) or her friend she has hosted a shower for or something. And then she posted pictures of a baby on her Facebook page and tagged her husband, so that pretty much clinched it. We confirmed the birth on Saturday, and I finished the quilt last night (Monday). That might be a new record (especially with hosting my son’s birthday party on Sunday, too), but I’ve stopped keeping track.

Hooo Baby! Quilt
This pattern is called “All Boxed In” (and, OMG, lady bits pun is totally not intended, and I didn’t even think of it until I was writing this, and now you guys can’t unthink it either – sorry!). It’s by a company called “Midwest Quilts”, but I can’t a site for either the company or the pattern and I must have gotten it at a quilt show years ago. It uses a mix of 2 1/2″ and 2″ strips, and some 3 1/2″ wide bits for the centers.  Technically it’s a “5 yard quilt top” pattern, but I only made 5 of the 6 rows so it took under that.
The 5th row ended up on the back:
Hooo Baby! Back
 Here’s a close-up of the fabrics I pulled from my stash to use:
Two scales of navy with white polka dots, a white with navy polka dots (also used on the back), a medium blue stripe, and a lime green polka dot. With a red binding, like a little cherry on top. The finished quilt it around 51×52″ I think. It’s already been delivered with a fresh baked loaf of banana bread!

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  1. There was a similar pattern, though more squares, I think, in a recent issue of Quilts and More or Quilt Sampler. I think. Very nice job. Very boyish without being boring boy colors.


    I buy the end-roll of newspaper rolls from a print shop…. great for paper piecing and it last forever. Cut them to the size I want.

    Check out BONNIE HUNTER … QUILTVILLE for scrappy… very traditional styles but many can be adjusted to be modern… has tons of free patterns.

    Jaye reviewed her SCRAPS leaders AND ENDERS BOOK …. I have the book and find it helpful for organizing the disorganized… namely me.

    Happy Quilting

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