HtbaS – Episode 70

I talk about making the “emergency” baby quilt named “Hooo, Baby!”, organizing my scraps and making containers for them, and some thoughts on projects to use up those scraps.

Zoom is a fan of the scrap organizers:Another use for the scrap organizersZapper wishes she had thought of it first:

Zapper is jealous she didn't think of it.

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  1. Don’t you love emergency baby quilts my DD always tells me she need one a week before the baby shower or when the baby is due. Like I can whip one up over night.

    At least your HELPER does not have hands that can run off with your favorite scissors right in the middle of your FMQ.

    Happy sewing


  2. way to get organized! nice that the cats seem to approve too. i made my cat a nice round soft bed, high walls and a extra blamket inside even, but dont it figure he instead finds a cardboard box that was way too small so he was like perched on it, overflowing it, right near the nice soft bed! humph…

  3. Nice boxes for your scraps! I have to use plastic shoebox (or larger) to keep them from becoming cat nests. I’ve used paper, muslin and thin interfacing for string quilts. If you use muslin, you may want to sash the blocks as the seams can get a bit bulky, and sashing will give you a place to press towards. If I know the quilt will get a lot of use, a leave-in foundation gives it strength. I’m slowly using up old, thin fusible interfacing, and found some cheap sew-in stuff (cheaper than muslin) for charity quilts.

  4. You’ve definitely got me beat on the scrap front. Not only am I still using ziploc bags, I’m not organizing by color at all yet. Just by size. I figure once I outgrow the bags, I’ll start using more filters. Thanks for keeping me company while I was machine-blanket-stitching a fleece baby blanket for a donation project. Now I’m off to clean all the aforementioned fleece out of my machine…

  5. Hi Pam,
    Re scraps: I’m debating using the “Cut the Scraps” book that Sandy recommended or Bonnie Hunters’s methods she presented at our Annapolis Quilt Guild meeting.

    Frances says Hi! My husband, son and I met with her a few days ago as we were coming through the Triangle area.

    All the best.

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