HtbaS – Episode 71

I talk about a lot of stuff! I run down the Sewing & Quilt Expo, my appearance on the SeamedUP podcast, National Quilting Day, the Purple Swoon quilt, a buffalo quilting finish, the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild BOM, and a pinwheel quilt for Wellspring Living.

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  1. Hi Pam,
    I listened to you on the SeamedUp podcast last night. I wanted to say how much I agree with your sentiment that “modern” quilters and “traditional” quilters can come together. From my perspective, however, it seems like those who identify as modern quilters want to remain separate. I was disappointed to see that they are starting their own quilt show, QuiltCon. It’s not that I lament another quilt show. I think there’s room for more, but the fact that it’s specifically labelled as modern troubles me. I don’t think most people even know what defines “modern” quilting. I know I don’t. But the blame isn’t all with modern quilters. Some traditional quilters are way too rigid for my liking and aren’t too anxious to accept any change. I like to think I’m somewhere in the middle, but I honestly feel like there’s room for all of us under one umbrella — quilters. My sister and I were able to attend Quilt Market in Salt Lake City last spring, and it seemed to me at Market that all styles of quilting were equally represented. I did not see a division there, although I had expected to. I think the secret is communication. Modern quilters need to realize they stand on the shoulders of giants. They don’t need to reinvent what’s already been invented, and traditional quilters need to stop looking down their noses at quilts that break what they consider to be the “rules of quilting” and admit that there’s a lot of talented quilters out there who do things differently than they do. Sorry this was so long. I’ll get off my soapbox now and tell you how much I love listening to you. You inspire me to do something quilty every day. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kaye- One of the reasons I joined the modern guild and not one of the more established ones in my community is because they meet on the weekends, and not in the middle of a weekday, when I’m at work. I simply couldn’t make it to any meeting without taking vacation time!

      I think the Quilt Police come out in force on both sides (modern and traditional), and that’s discouraging for everyone. I have to remind myself constantly that I am not the target market for every fabric line, but that someone, somewhere is, and the best I can do is respect other people’s choices in creating their projects.

  2. Thanks so much for the SeamedUP love!

    Also, had to laugh about your comment, “If I happen to get a phone book, I might use that.” I got a phone book in my driveway today and wonder if you did too.

    Also, you are not annoying. It’s okay to like orange. Just don’t put it with blue. Gator colors. Boo. (Don’t tell Brye I said that.)

    1. Oooh, maybe we will get a phone book soon! We tend to get those really small community based ones, and not the gigantic Yellow Pages ones anymore but maybe I’ll get lucky!

      Ha – Gator and UVA colors are both orange and blue. I did see some fun modern flower/daisy fabric in the catalog today that has a little bit of orange in the center that would work great for a quilt!

  3. I think one of the way Modern Quilters and Traditional Quilter is where they are in LIFE… I would join a MODERN QUILT GUILD near my home in a minute… (no not going to start one)


    At home / work with kids limited time.. different needs in their homes and lives
    Put their needs aside for their kids and family


    Older with less home responsibilities / retired/
    trying to fill time/ being with friends
    limited night time driving (vision issues)

    MODERN QUILTS seem to be more home related / being useful / utilitarian projects… very child centered

    simpler / geometric based on square / rectangle rather than triangles / big motifs in fabric and patterns rather than tiny pieces in overly intricate patterns

    Colorways tend to have a lot of complementary and split complimentary >>i.e. blue/ aqua with orange and red. In the past one of the colors were used as accent to the other… now complementary colorways are used in equal amounts resulting in a different visual impact.

    More use of neutrals / new and grey as well as white / black / off white … more negative space in the quilts…. Letting the fabrics speak and star in the quilts.

    Use of precuts predominant the quilts ..patterns now based on the precuts…

    Golly gee this would make a good blog post on my blog… guess I will think more about it… and post…

    Loved the podcast as always….


  4. Thanks so much for mentioning the pillows that you made from the swoon leftovers – just saw the pics and they are sooo pretty! I’m just getting ready to cut into my giant stack of Hometown FQ’s to get my swoon on, AND I just so happen to have a bunch of pillow forms that I bought on sale, so now I can whip up some pillows to match the quilt! Yay! 🙂

  5. Pam, I had to lol about the kid dirt colored furniture. Our is actually chocolate pop-tart and diet Coke colored. We bought it 7 years ago with that thought and 2 active boys in mind and haven’t regretted it since.

    Thanks for a terrific podcast that I love listening to every time.


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