HtbaS – Episode 72

Good times ahead! I laugh a lot about early sewing projects, talk about feedback, Swoon quilts, and Zapper says hi!

Bonus Helper Cat pictures! With all this helpering, I got the Purple Swoon quilt basted in no time!

Tag Team HelperingZoom was clearly exhausted from her long day of helpering:

Helpering is exhausting

3 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 72”

  1. I’m a new listener, and have really been enjoying your podcast! I love Zapper’s background music, and snorted out loud at your description of Princess Leia standing on R2D2. LOL!

  2. Hi Pam,

    I know that a 24 inch block is the same size whether or not it is held by a cute quilting zombie, but it helps us non-technical people to have visuals 🙂 Strangely enough, my daughter, who is a Biomedical Engineering Major at NC State, is completely unwigged by my rotary cutter even though she gets to apply angles and math.

    The Canadian Baby bunting was a hoot.

    All the best.

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