HtbaS – Episode 73

I talk a little bit more about the Lavender Kiss Swoon quilt, the Atlanta Shop Hop, the Tiger Show quilt, and Lavender Kiss’ offspring quilt (cuz’ it’s a baby quilt! *rimshot*).

I have totally forgotten what I said I’d post a picture of with this podcast, so if someone hears it, let me know in the comments. Sheesh. Must be getting old!

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  1. Hi Pam,

    I saw your show notes before I listened to the podcast and don’t remember a picture reference. I think Gretchen is right and it was the Gosling videos that you might be talking about.

    I like hearing about Shop Hops and MILs. My MIL was a sewer of clothes and I think about her when I am sewing. She [and my late FIL] had the wonderful ability to appreciate things; if you gave them a gift, it was prominently displayed and discussed. I gave them X-Stitch items that have come back to me now that they are gone, but did not get into quilting until after they went.

    Our DC-Baltimore Quilter’s Challenge in November covers five days, two states and more shops than it is possible to do in one day. I live at the very eastern tip in Annapolis; I made it to all the shops last year, but have to tell you that I hit Jinny Byers’ shop ten minutes before closing and don’t remember a lot about it.

    All the best.

  2. My new favorite for making labels is TAP – Transfer Artists Paper ( The reason I like it is because the printing becomes part of the fabric after you adhere the image (or writing) to the fabric. I want my labels to be part of the quilt in case the quilts get stolen. Even if they are are not returned, the thief will have to destroy the quilt to get the label out or feel guilty every time they look at it. My labels are always sewed into the back and quilted over.

    I made some ATCs as a test and it was unbelievable how great the process was. You don’t have to print (with a printer) on the TAP. You can write on it as well. Words come out backwards, though, so what I do for labels is create the label in Word, reverse the whole thing and then print it on TAP. I know you write on your labels so you could write on a piece of paper and then scan and reverse the image so that it would print properly.

    The TAP is very thin, too. I have problems with my printer eating the fabric on freezer paper sandwich as well and this TAP is just like putting a piece of cardstock through – not even that thick, actually.

    Perhaps worth a try?

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