National Quilting Day Weekend Wrap-Up

I got a fair amount done this weekend, including 4 more blocks for the Purple Swoon quilt and my two Saturday Sampler blocks.  Here are the Swoon ones first:

Purple Swoon - Block 3Purple Swoon - Block 4
Purple Swoon - Block 6Purple Swoon - Block 5

And here is the next block for Grandma’s Garden (if you click it to enlarge on Flickr, you’ll see the words of wisdoms are in fact, just a single word: Dude). Not a lot of white space on this block for more words, and I find that particular words can convey many meanings.

Grandma's Garden - Block 11
 And here is the latest block from Memories of Provence:
Only 3 more Purple Swoon blocks to go! And three for the Grandma’s Garden quilt.

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    1. I had picked it up Saturday, but it was missing a piece so I went back on Sunday to get it. It’s the 4 flower one from Grandma’s Garden above.

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