April Saturday Sampler Blocks

It was pick-up day for the Saturday Sampler program at Tiny Stitches, and I got both of mine finished this morning.  Here is the next block for Grandma’s Garden:

Grandma's Garden - Block 11
I am not sure why type of flowers these are, but my appliqued stem came out a bit wonky. Oh well. I also made a cutting mistake on one of the pink flowers, so I had to make them intentionally scrappy. For the quote I channeled Yoda’s grandmother and did “There is no try, only do”.
And here is the overly complicated Block 4 from Memories of Provence:
Memories of Provence - Block 4
When I saw this block at the shop, I thought the construction would be square-in-a-square of the green on the center, and then simple borders to create that red “frame”. But no! It’s created in a nine patch formation – imagine extending the lines of the center block to create the grid.  The four pieces that make the “plus sign” are two stacked flying geese, and the corner pieces are weirdly constructed.  It came out okay with a ton of steam, but I did make one error in construction. Fortunately I caught it before I cut it for the next step, but it was still aggravating. The shop was right when they said the blocks would get more complicated from here out – I wish instead of focusing on demonstrating complicated techniques the company that put this together would simplify the construction so there was less fabric waste.

2 Replies to “April Saturday Sampler Blocks”

  1. Pretty! I haven’t gotten past the first 2. I missed the pick-up for 3, and haven’t bothered with 4. Kind of beyond my skill level at this point. Plus I hate getting up early on Saturday mornings. LOL

    1. Hey Sonya – Maetha said they are going back to a pattern for the June 2012 Saturday Sampler (when Grandma’s Garden is done) that’s a little more “classic” and at the beginner/intermediate level. It’s going to be “Going Coastal” and have lots of soft blues and greens and tans. You might try it again with that program since Memories of Provence is INSANE.

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