HtbaS – Episode 74

There are a lot of brain farts in this episode – mine, Audacity’s, Blogger’s. But! I do talk about finishing 4 baby quilts, a table runner, and a twin-sized quilt top this week.

And here is a picture of the 3D maze quiltI talk about from the Quilt Magazine:

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  1. Thanks for the link! I can’t even imagine how embarrassing that must have been for him! I know I would want to fall through the floor if I had been in his place!

  2. Thanks for keeping me company while I wak the dogs! I was looking at that maze quilt too. There are a lot of omissions in the magazine. Check out the web page for corrections before you start

  3. Ooooh, yay! I heard your shout out to me! Now, like Lynn, I’m internet (borderline, on-the-fringe) famous! I enjoy your podcast. In one of your previous episodes when Zapper was purring my stalker/bully grand kitty (Clarissa) tried to find her to attack. in her frustration of not being able to get to Zapper, she knocked down a couple of small things around the speakers . It was quite amusing. It gave my cat, MuffinJeanette, a welcome break from her unwanted attention.

    Laura (that knows Lynn)

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