HtbaS – Episode 75

I talk about cat toys, nap mats, Saturday Sampler blocks, and piecing together the “woven” twin size quilt top.

Here is the quilt my mom and sister found for me at their community yard sale:

Tiny pieces! And in this close-up shot you can see the sun fading:

Here’s the photo tutorial on making knotted cat toys:
Step 1 – make “fringe” on two ends of the piece of fleece. I recommend 6×10 to 12″. I ended up cutting off 2 inches from the top of this piece:

Step 2: Catnip!

Step 3: Roll it up.

Step 4: Tie it in a knot:

Zoom is a fan. The cat toys we made are in that plastic bag – the box is full of the 4 fleece covered scrap beds.

2 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 75”

  1. OK, I gotta make some of these cat toys. My neighborhood cat that visits every afternoon for food, would love this. She is a catnip addict. I love to watch her roll in it and go crazy.

  2. Hi Pam, Thanks for answering my question about cat toys. I was pleasantly surprised to hear you talking to me in your podcast! (Hey, she’s talking to me!) My daughter will have to find out if the local Humane Society will let their cats have catnip – I guess it could wreak havoc in the shelter. So far, she and her High School cohorts have helped the 5th grade kids in the after-school club to making cat mats out of two layers of fleece. They cut fringe, then tie the two layers together with the fringe. The cat nip toys are a similar idea – they would be easy for the after school club to make. So thanks again! (PS No need to email.)

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