HtbaS – Episode 76

A short episode with birthday wishes for the Helper Cats, finishing the Woven top, and finishing cutting the Faceted Jewels top.

  • Please vote for Hooo Baby! at the Quilting Gallery contest.
  • This is Faceted Jewels (in queen size, but I need to expand it to king). I got a quilt kit from Sew Batik back at the Knoxville AQS show, but I’m bringing in more purple to this pattern with the expansion to king size.
  • And this is Gnat, the Helper Dog (with cameo of my FIL, who is holding Gnat so he doesn’t run rampant during the Easter Egg hunt):

3 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 76”

  1. That Facited Jewels quilt is great! It looks like it could easily be turned into a scrap quilt, which is my favorite kind.

  2. Happy Birthday Zoom and Zapper – sorry you didn’t get any cake but glad you got some play time with the catnip! Lol. Do love hearing from you on the podcast.
    Tell your mum that I have been over and voted – love the quilt.

  3. The Faceted Jewels quilt looks staggeringly beautiful; for other people, it would be a Lifetime Project, but for the Head Rhombus, it will be a two-weeker!

    My week was insane as well; no migraines, though. All the best to you and your team.

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