Sunday Night Stash: The One Where I Got Nuthin’

Well, it’s not exactly nothing, but there are no official ins/outs for the stash this week.  I did get the Wellspring Woven Quilt quilted on my friend Lynn’s LAQ this afternoon, but haven’t gotten the binding done yet. I can easily get that done this week, though.  The biggest thing I’ve been working on, however, is the Faceted Jewels quilt.  You can see how I got so much done this week:

But I persevered and got all the “elements” and blocks done (and re-done in some cases – whoops), and got a chunk put together today.  Here’s a (poorly lit but gorgeous nonetheless) preview:

Faceted Jewels Sneak Peek

  I’m handing it over to my friend Chris to LAQ later this week!

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  1. That is gorgeous. I’ve never found just the right quilt pattern for my own bed- but this might be the one! Did you worry much about the placement of each color- or is it fairly random?


    1. Hi Kristin-
      The pattern calls for 16 half yards of fabric (or is it 15″?), or you can do FQs. With that much variety of fabric, I didn’t worry too much about placement – I don’t think I’ve got any fabrics touching each other, but there are some on the diagonal from each other.

  2. I came to comment first, to tell you it’s beautiful and second to ask you the same question that Kristen asked. It really is stunning.

  3. That quilt is gorgeous! And another example of triangles looking like curves…gotta try that soon.

    I recently started listening to you, thanks to Sandy at QFTROU. Your sci fi, kitty, quilty vibe is right up my alley. And when you mentioned ConKerr Cancer pillowcases _as I was making one_, I was totally hooked. (I sew for Project Linus too, working up the nerve — I mean skill base — to make bed-sized quilts for my family).

    So Hi! Glad to be aboard!

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