A Picture-Filled Weekend Recap

I would have included these with the Sunday Night Stash Report, but was too engrossed in Mad Men to go fetch the camera. Also, it’s possible I was too lazy.

It was Saturday Sampler pick-up weekend at Tiny Stitches, so I got the next block for Grandma’s Garden and Memories of Provence:

Memories of Provence - Block 6Grandma's Garden - Block 12
“Wear clean underwear” is this month’s grandmotherly advice.
I also got a quilt top pieced for a commission quilt for a friend. This isn’t the whole top, but as soon as I got it on the floor to audition border fabric, Zapper started helpering.
And then we had the “Applique the Sharon Schamber Way” class Sunday afternoon. We were learning a technique more than completing a project, so the sample is rather small. I’m planning on using it in a quilt for Project Linus. Fused (before stitching) on the left, and stitched on the right:
Applique sample - fusedApplique sample - stitched
I’ll talk more about the method we learned on the podcast next week.
And finally, a touch of awesome. I’m afraid that I don’t properly express gratitude, enthusiasm, appreciation, or other positive emotions appropriately at times, mostly because I’m just not a gushy sort of person. But I was truly touched when my friend Alison from my guild handed me a package before the meeting and said she had made me something because it made her think of me when she saw the pattern.
If by different, you mean awesome...
 It’s a fun zippered pouch! With a black sheep! I was telling my husband that I needed to think of a way to work it into some gathering with his family, and he suggested wearing it as a hat. A pope-ish sort of hat.
Perhaps a little too different to be awesome.
Obligatory mirror self portrait! Which… no. Zoom concurred. Think I’ll use it to carry my next wool felt project instead.
P.S. – Yes, that is a lot of toilet paper. Don’t judge.

7 Replies to “A Picture-Filled Weekend Recap”

  1. OK….the hat is certainly all you…would have come in handy during the downpour we witnessed together but I am curious why you are posing in front of a TP tower.

    1. The only mirror downstairs is in the bathroom, and we had recently brought up the pack of toilet paper to refill the bathroom, but under the sink where it’s normally kept was full. Also, I needed something to rest the camera on so it wouldn’t be blurry when I turned off the flash (because flash in mirror = giant sunburst picture).

      It’s also possible I was too embarrassed to ask my husband to take the picture although it was his idea to use it as a hat.

  2. You made me laugh with your blogpost… I look forward to listen to you each week and I also agreee with your friend that you are different & awsome !

  3. I am really looking forward to the Sharon Schamber method. And I was so focused on the hat I would not have noticed the TP if you hadn’t mentioned it 😉

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