Blogger’s Quilt Festival: Lavender Kiss

As you may know, the Blogger’s Quilt Festival is going on for all of us who can’t make it to Market this week. It’s time to ogle some quilts!

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I’m showing off Lavender Kiss, which was formerly known as Purple Swoon.  Why am I showing it off? Because I’ve gotten 3 separate thank you notes for it!

I made this quilt as a gift for my husband’s first-cousin-once-removed’s wedding. The bride is genuinely one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met, the sort of person who is always smiling and nice and (more importantly to me) is never fake about it.  She and her new husband are young and starting off from scratch, and her father (my husband’s cousin) died several years ago from a heart attack while driving. She’s handled this with grace, as she does everything, and deserved something special on her wedding day.

I wanted to make the newlyweds a quilt that they could enjoy and pass down to their kids. I also wanted to play more with the Swoon block, and experiment with value.  It’s machine pieced and quilted on my domestic machine.

Can you guess what her favorite color is?

Lavender Kiss
The wedding was last month, and within a few days of it, I received a thank you note from the bride’s grandmother for it.  Later that week, I got a note from my MIL. And then yesterday I got a thank you note from the bride. I’d call it a successful wedding gift.

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  1. Congratualtions on having your quilt so appreciated! If that were my cousin, she would get a baby quilt for each child she has. I like to quilt for people who appreciate my work!

    I think you will not screw up your child no matter which school he goes to. But if you have truly bright, geeky kid (on the order of ‘Big Bang Theroy’) who doesn’t fit in socially with his peers, specialty schools can be a godsend.

    Our oldest child never fit into a regular gifted classroom but he blossomed and made friends for the first time in 8th grade when he went to an IB middle school. He still stuck out from the rest of the group, but at least the kids at the new school were accepting of him and could appreciate his differences.

  2. I looove the colors – the quilt is absolutely stunning! I made a wedding gift quilt last year. It makes me feel good to give quilts as gifts, but nervous at the same time!
    PS I am a huge fan of your podcast. It makes the time fly when I’m at work!

  3. I still love this beauty and purple still is not a favorite of mine. To me, it’s a simple statement of how beautifully you’ve put this together.

    Purple Swoon or Lavendar Kiss, it’s a favorite of mine, too!

  4. It’s gorgeous – my daughter wants one just like it! I’m making my first wedding gift quilt this summer. I hope mine is as appreciated as yours.

  5. beautiful! And how wonderful to have so much acknowledgement of your gift. I bet she likes the soft lavender in the centre block best.

  6. love the colors and variation of placement of color and value in the blocks I have to study them to see that they really are the same block Gorgeous!!!!

  7. Have to say you had me at lavender! Anything in the purple range makes me happy. I love that block…one of these days i might just have to make one. How lovely to get so many compliments and you well deserve them! Thanks for sharing and have a great day

  8. Love purple and love this quilt! I’ve heard people mention ‘swoon’ quilts but didn’t know what they meant. Now I know why they like them!

  9. I love the quilt, especially your choice in colors! My entry was also purple heavy. I think purple is one of my favorite quilt colors!

  10. That’s wonderful!! I really like the way you changed around the tones and values–really brings it all to life and allows the eye to wander around the quilt. I’m sure it felt good to have your hard work so appreciated–makes it all worth while, no? 🙂

    Hazle (@Sunt)
    suntred02 at

  11. This is such an interesting block. I love what you’ve done and am so glad it was well received. Those are my favourite colours too!

  12. Swoon, indeed! Lavender Kiss is just gorgeous. And how wonderful that it was so well received and that is has a new home where it will certainly be cherished. 🙂

  13. My favorite color too. I love this pattern and it is just gorgeous in those colors, no wonder you got all of those thankyou notes.

  14. Your wedding quilt is beautiful. I love that you used purple, which is MY favorite color too! It is especially nice that you received 3 thank yous. Such was not the case with a wedding quilt that I made a few years back. I love your blocks too.

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