HtbaS – Episode 78

Lots of progress this week – I talk about finishing the king size Faceted Jewels quilt top, working a long-arm machine for the Wellspring Woven twin-size quilt, and finishing the top for the Snow Friends tablerunner.  Here’s some links I reference in the podcast:

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  1. Hi Pam,

    Thanks for the Modern Quilt definition.

    I was at one of my LQS yesterday taking a class on Quilted Postcards [which is WAY out of my pattern-following comfort range.] The back room at the LQS is divided into two semi-private rooms with lots of noise traveling back and forth.

    The Modern Quilt Guild meeting was in the other space; I have never been to an MQG meeting, so it was interesting to hear what was going on. I belong to a very large Guild and we have speakers, but not much group interaction at the meetings themselves.

    I have heard about the tension between modern and traditional quilters, but never saw it at my large Guild. I have to say I could hear it coming from the Modern Group towards the more traditional guilds. I was not planning to join anyway; I would have reservations after hearing the meeting.

    As a 50 year old newish quilter I don’t think of myself as too old/young or set in my ways/naive as to scorn anyone’s quilting.

    All the best.

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