HtbaS – Episode 80

I talk about what’s driving me batty in my life and sewing this week. It’s the end of the school year, and I reaffirm that I hate making projects just for contests. Zapper says “hi!” a lot.

  • Please vote for Good Mews (Zoom and Zapper’s cat shelter) to win a makeover! Just scroll down and make two clicks by May 22. Helper Cats thank you!
  • Enter the Blogger’s Quilt Festival
  • Totally forgot to mention this on the podcast, but if you’re quilting or sewing this weekend and not at Market, chat on twitter with the hashtag #NMSI for Not Market Sew In.

One Reply to “HtbaS – Episode 80”

  1. Thanks for the William Morris shout-out. I am working on a Tossed 9-Patch with two William Morris charm packs. I love the prints; the tough part was finding an accent and a background, since he has SO much color in the prints.

    My friend Kelly and I hunted all around and decided on a dark gray solid for the accent and a cream with gray swirls for the background.

    We have a long weekend coming up; I’ll either work on this one or the Black and White Block Party for my son [that is taking a long. long time.]

    All the best.

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