Snow Friends Tablerunner – Finished!

While the kids were playing outside after school I put the finishing touches on the binding for the Snow Friends tablerunner (click any picture to go to Flickr and embiggen!)

Snow Friends - Finished!

The finished size is 50 x 24″, and the center embroidered panel (which took the longest by far) is 8×32″.  I added a little interest to the embroidery by lightly filling in some of the embroidered area with colored pencils in similar shades – yellow stars, grey hats, blue birds, etc. It gives it a little more pop on the Kona Snow background.

Snow Friends - Embroidery Close-up

I ended up going with a “wind swirl” sort of quilting pattern in the sky area, and a gentle wave of sorts under the snow. Decorative stitches in the sashing, and just the button in the center of the Hunter’s Stars. Simple, but I think that’s best with the focus on the embroidery.

For the back I used another piece of Christmas Thimbleberries fabric I had in my stash, which goes well with the front and my in-law’s house.

Snow Friends - Back Preview

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