Cooking with Pinterest, Week of June 17 (part 2)

Thursday, for dinner:

  • Stuffed shells – I was inspired to make this because of two pins I had on my board, but because I didn’t follow either recipe, I don’t think it’s fair to judge those recipes based on this batch.  The shells themselves were fine – the filling was standard ricotta, egg, parsley and parmesan.  In some I added in leftover Italian sausage (frozen after pizza night last week).  They tasted a bit off I think because of the parsley – it was a bit old and tasted bitter. So, people, check the expiration dates on your dried spices! And also in your freezer – I was going to sneak in spinach to some of them but discovered my frozen spinach package expired 4 years ago. Whoops. Reminds me of this story from my Pantsfreesia blog. Grade: Sad trombone.
  • Brief had leftover carnitas tacos. Still awesome!

Friday, for dinner:

  • Leftover night! We finished off the carnitas pork for tacos, and also quesadillas. I also made some Balsamic Grilled Flank Steak as an alternative for taco filling since Brief had had the pork the night before. Grade: A.

Saturday, all day:

  • We went out to Five Guys for dinner. As much as I enjoy cooking, I was tired of doing it.

Sunday, for dessert:

  • Breakfast was at the Golden Corral (fancy!) for Father’s Day, and lunch will be on the go since Bloomer and I are traveling to West Georgia for a cookout at one of my BIL’s houses (with a pool!). Since we’re grilling out, I don’t have to cook dinner either, but did make a little something to take with us:
  • Lemon Bliss Cake:  This is from the King Arthur Flour blog, and they always have tasty looking recipes. I’ve made this cake several times before and it’s always awesome. The best part is the unwritten implied instructions at the end, when you cut the first slice and do a fist pump and yell “CAKE FROM SCRATCH, BITCHES!!” and then stuff your face. Grade: A+ for Awesome.