Pinwheels & Patches Baby Quilt- Finished!

I found out a friend of mine is pregnant (while she’s still pregnant, so apparently my timing is getting better!), so I whipped this up for her.  She’s having a baby girl in October.

The pattern is Bonnie Hunter’s – Patches & Pinwheels, reduced in size to a 7×7 block layout for the center. I consider this my first official scrappy quilt since I pulled my leaders and enders in the right colors for the 16-patch blocks. I also culled all the pinwheel parts from the scrap boxes, although they weren’t all the right size to begin with.
I did an all over meander for the center and outer border, and I’m pleased the only fabric I needed to purchase was for the outer border (the backing came from my stash too!).
Pinwheels and Patches - Close-up
Of course it’s not a quilt unless you’ve had some helpering to make it:
Pinwheels and Patches - Helpering
I won’t be shipping this out right away since there’s a chance I’ll get to see my friend in person (she lives a couple hours away).

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