This Week in Pinterest Food: June 10 (part 2)

Thursday, for dinner:

  • Barbeque with Spicy Sauce – Grade: A. I did a Boston Butt in the crockpot on low for 10 hours (which is exactly how I used to make Zapper’s cat food, so she was excited and confused). To crisp it up a bit, I put the shredded pork on a broiler pan and stuck it in the broiler for 5 minutes after putting the sauce on it. I made the sauce from the Pinterest recipe because I’m still trying to figure out how to mimic the sauce at our local BBQ joint, which is awesome. This comes close but was a bit too sweet. I’ll cut the brown sugar back to 4 Tsp from 6 next time.
  • Bacon Cheddar Pull Apart Bread – Grade: A. This was good, but I think next time I’ll shred the cheddar cheese and stuff it in.  Alternately, I might try making a loaf of bread with the cheese and bacon mixed in, and just use the ranch butter to spread on it.
  • No Sugar Fudgesicles – Grade: A. These came together quick and are very refreshing. You can definitely taste the banana and coconut in them, so it was a tad disarming at first. I think I was expecting true “Fudgesicle” flavor, but I quickly got over it. 

Friday, for dinner:

  • Leftovers! I cooked so much during the week everyone got to pick their favorite bit to eat again.

Sunday, for dinner:

  • Baby Cheesus Bread and Pizza – Grade: A+. I’ve mentioned the Baby Cheesus Bread before, but this time I split the total dough into 4 portions to make 4 individual pizzas.  Each kid (and adult) got to make their own up from a selection of sausage, pepperoni, and salami.  My pizza resembled the Baby Cheesus Bread recipe (aka the cheese bread recipe in the link above), but everyone else’s was more traditional.