WIP Wednesday: Coin Op

I’m going to try something new here, which is not new at all to many of you. I’ve struggled with blogging more, both here and on my mommyblog. I had thought I would revive Pantsfreesia as a blog last year but I find it difficult to write about my kids. If you’ll allow me to wax philosophical for a moment, I’ll explain. If not, skip on down to the pictures!

I stopped blogging about my kids and family life mostly because I felt like a broken record. “Parenting is hard”. No sh*t, Sherlock. And I didn’t want that to be all I wrote about. But I found two things: I originally started a blog to keep my family up on date on the kids, and somewhere along the lines a couple years ago I started calling my parents just to talk, instead of the standing Sunday phone call we started when I was in college. And I found that as I told them stories about the kids on the phone, I didn’t figure I needed to write about it. The second thing I discovered was that when there were awesome moments with the kids (and there have been more and more in the last years), I wanted to hoard them like precious memories and keep them to myself. Will I regret not writing about how wonderful things are at some point in the future? Possibly. But I’m willing to take that risk to keep those moments of pure joy private. (Or on twitter. Seriously – parenting gems rain through my fingers on there into the treasure chest of the internet.) (I’m also pretty sure no one cares that I cry at the tug of war games at Field Day, but I do. It’s a weakness.)

The larger issue, and I hesitate to call it an issue because it really is wonderful, is that I blogged when I was mired in depression, and I’ve felt pretty good the last two years. Yes, there have been exceptions (Januaries and ends of May in particular), but I’m pleased that those dark days are more surprising than an expected way of life.

SO ANYWHO. The point of all that emotional stuff is that I want to blog more so I’m going to try to stick to doing WIP Wednesday posts. I might even food blog a bit, but am more likely to roll that into the podcasts and do something about “This Week in Pinterest” or something for recipes I’ve tried.  Mostly I want this to be an outlet for my creative ventures, which are mostly quilting and some food stuff.

Coin Op border blocks

So what am I working on when I’m not waxing all poetic about feelings and junk? I’m calling this quilt “Coin Op”.  It’s based on a layer cake of Lucy’s Crab Shack. I wanted to preserve some of the prints in their entirety so the center of the quilt is just 10″ squares with some sashing of Lime Kona, and I’m getting a bit creative with the border.

Inspiration struck at the laundromat last week when I was sitting with my mom on our beach vacation, and I thought it would be funny to use my old Pantsfreesia avatar in the border blocks. And I would tie in some bunting flags and life preservers to keep up the beachy theme.  Here’s some of the applique shapes in rough layout on the right.

To tie them in to each other on the border, I’m using some bias strips to mimic clothesline, and here’s what that looks like with two sample blocks and the clothesline pole in the corner (glue basted but not stitched):

Coin Op border rough layout
That pile in the upper left is the bunting flags for some of the border blocks.
I’ve got the center pieced, and have been thinking about the quilting pattern. I think I want to mimic that flower shape in the underwear print above in the quilting pattern, but am not sure if I want a giant one in the center of each layer cake block, or smaller ones scattered throughout.
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6 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: Coin Op”

  1. I really liked the idea of the clothesline. It could be rope as well, considering the life preservers. I also think the larger shapes that are just plain squares are a good idea.

    More blogging=better. I like process posts, because it gives me insight into how others are working.

  2. Pam, I would love to hear more about your kids. My favorite podcasts are the ones that have mommy-talk and family- talk. Not just crafting talk!!!! Being a wife and a mother is 90% what consumes us, right? Crafting is only a niche.

  3. Really digging the new blocks, especially the life preservers. I’m contemplating getting some Lucy’s Crab Shack, but feel like I should have a plan in place before I buy… so it doesn’t end up like the stack of plan-less precuts I already have.

    Oh, and this post led me to the story of the iocane-immune face gnawing flying mouse of doom with anal fissures. I have not laughed that hard in a LONG time.

  4. This is going to be a great quilt-really love the direction you are going.

    I cannot imagine keeping up two blogs. I am contemplating starting one this fall when my kid goes off to school, but not two. Feel free to unload on this one when the dark times hit-we don’t mind. Many of us have them. Being part of this community has been important to me and helped me through some of those times. Let us keep hearing from you.

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