WIP Wednesday: Cuddles and Hunks

A friend of mine recently had twins a bit early (at 30 weeks), an the first of the two has been able to go home after a couple weeks in the hospital.  This friend is the only person I’ve really stayed in touch with from school times and has known me since I was 11, which is a curse honor only my family can lay claim to. Anywho, when his first daughter was born I sent a booster seat, but with the twins I wanted to do something a little more personal. I decided to send them the Secret Garden quilts, which are twin-y girl baby quilts, but I also wanted to make another quilt for the Big Sister so she wouldn’t feel left out. I made the top out of the sizable scraps from the twin quilts, and since she’s the Big Sister, I decided to back it with minky.  I’m in the midst of quilting it and should have it done by the end of the week.

Big Sister Quilt
 And of course I’ve been working on Coin Op.  The top is done, and I just need to piece the back and get it sandwiched.  Here’s the borders after I assembled them:
Coin Op Borders
I also made the 20 alternate blocks for the layout for the Memories of Provence Saturday Sampler quilt. Not terribly exciting, but will help to have these done when it’s time to put the top together!
Alternate Blocks - Memories of Provence 
And while I was at JoAnn’s to buy the minky backing for the Big Sister quilt, I was on the lookout for this fabric I had seen floating around the interwebs. I bought two yards.
 God Bless America
You will probably want to click through to Flickr to ogle that a bit more.  I took part of the fabric to make a little something for a friend of mine, and have just over a yard to play with for something for me.  It’s called “Pursuit of Happiness” by Alexander Henry, and there are a variety of thematic hunky prints.
God Bless America.
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    1. They are part of the pattern the shop is using for a finished quilt to be a generous full size. I believe the sampler blocks will be on point, and the shop is selling parts of the top along the way so people can make them as they go along.

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