Coin Op: Finished!

Oh hey. I finished a quilt! Meet Coin Op:

Coin Op
It’s kind of large. Like… way bigger than I anticipated. Oh well – it will cover up a lot of sand at the beach. If I remember to take it to the beach when we go next time!
I preserved many of the layer cake blocks for the center, and used others for the applique shapes on the border.  The sashing is Kona Lime. Here’s a close up of the quilting:
Coin Op Border
If you squint the right way, you can see the river meander in the outside border. I did the kite tail free motion in the green sashing between the “center” and outer border, and then an overall meander with some floral shapes in the center. There’s a flower in the upper left of the plaid block in this picture.
After quilting the river meander border, I decided that the underwear shapes need something in the center because it was too much un-quilted space. So since I had seven pair of underwear on the line, I went with days of the week. This is Tuesday:
Coin Op Close-up
If you do the math, and all seven pairs of days of the week underwear are on the line, someone is doing laundry “commando”, which was my alternate name for this quilt!

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  1. LOVE THIS! What a great quilt but, have to be honest, there is no way I would take it to the beach. I know you are more relaxed about your quilts being used for blanket forts, but sand would not be getting near this beauty!

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