HtbaS – Episode 88

I talk about the Farmer’s Fiancee baby quilt (to be renamed), my mini quilt for the Irish swap, and ask my mom some questions from YOU! We laugh a lot, and I think we managed not to cry, too.

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  1. Okay, I’m stopping the podcast part way through….this failure to comment must end! Just wanted you to know that I always look forward to your podcast and enjoy it a bunch! Sorry if I haven’t expressed appreciation before.

  2. I thought I had commented, but it must have been after you already posted the 2nd podcast and before I listened to it.

    Loved hearing your Mom and youself laughing; my Mom is fabulous but not a giggler. The Moms did have something in common though. My Mom fell off her horse about six months before we were married and broke everything from the right knee to the hip. She was able to walk by the time of our wedding, but it was a rolling gait not helped by the emergency root canal [and the drugs for the same] she had on the morning of the wedding.

    Mom was 53 when she fell; she is now 75 and still riding. I do think it changed something in her; she got even stronger than she already was.

    All the best.

  3. Hi, first time to listen to one of your podcasts, Cindy from Fluffy Sheep Quilting mentioned you on our Modern Quilt Guild Page so I thought I’d give you a listen. You and your Mum are so funny, her laugh is just so infectious and the reminiscence over homemade clothes is just like ones my sisters and I have with our Mum, so so funny. What a lovely way to end the weekend, 🙂

  4. I listened to the podcast this afternoon and I’m still giggling to myself whenever I think about the My Little Pony database. Awesome. Thanks for the little glimpse into your family, it was fun!

  5. You silly, giggly ladies 🙂 Very sweet episode, Pam, your mom is adorable. I can hear how proud she is of the person you are. “No crying on the podcast!” LOL
    Your mom’s accident so close to your wedding reminded me of my mom and my own wedding. She had neck surgery shortly before my wedding and was still in a neck brace, but took it off for the pictures, lol

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