Sunday Night Stash: The One Where I Fall Off the Wagon Into a Ditch With No Phone

Yeah. Fell right off the bandwagon. Bought a fat quarter bundle of 40 FQs of Mama Said Sew, from Sweetwater for Moda.  But I did finish the pillow shams from the Faceted Jewels buffalo bits! Here’s a shot of one of the pillows and the FQ bundle:

  • Used this Week:  4 yards
    • 4 yards – Faceted Jewels coordinating pillow shams
  • Used year to Date: 246.25 yards
  • Added this Week: 10.5 yards
    • 10 yards of Mama Said Sew FQ bundle (40 FQ’s)
    • 0.5 yard green gingham for Grandma’s Garden
  • Net Used for 2012: 66.5 yards
      • YTD Used for Charity: 70.25 yards (29% of total used)

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10 Replies to “Sunday Night Stash: The One Where I Fall Off the Wagon Into a Ditch With No Phone”

  1. There is so much awesomeness in that picture, I don’t know where to look! Beautiful pillow case, gorgeous fabrics, and all you need is a hunky shirtless guy lurking around in the background.
    **I’m pretty sure “awesomeness” is an actual word. I’m going to try it out on Words with Friends and see what happens.

    1. What you can’t see is the leftover hunky patriotic fabric behind the pillow, so I believe it’s full of awesomeness (which is totally a word, IMO)!

  2. Anyone that uses almost 250 yards of fabric and it’s only July, can fall off the wagon many times over and it’s OK in my book. That pillow sham is spectacular! Did you make up the pattern or is it a printed one. It’s wonderful however it came to be!!

    1. Thanks Dar! I basically had 200+ HSTs leftover from that king sized quilt (that finish to 1 1/4″), so I organized them by color with color, and color with neutral HSTs. I divided them into equal piles, and then just started laying out a design knowing I was going make something that measured 24x36ish. I needed to upsize it a bit more to get the 2″ flange so I put in some bricks also of leftover batiks from the original quilt.

  3. Seriously, with how much yardage you knocked off with Faceted Jewels last week, a little fabric splurge was TOTALLY called for. Last Saturday, I finished a quilt at about 10 am, and was at my local quilt shop buying new FQ’s at 10:30. 😀

  4. Love the pillow sham! I think I need that pillow on my bed. What pattern is the center block?
    BTW, U R in good company! We all fall off the wagon.

  5. Your pillow shams are amazing! You deserved the little treat! It is a very small fraction of what you have used so far this year, after all.

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